Thursday, April 16, 2015

NEW PODCAST: Transform Your Life With One Call--to a Life Coach

Feeling a little frustrated, overwhelmed or stuck? Did you have the BEST intentions at the start of 2015  ... for your career? For your relationship? For your health? For your finances? And, then, LIFE happened! Maybe things have turned out differently than you had hoped, so far. Guess what? That's OK!

Did you know that working with a coach can be the difference between a catastrophe and your comeback! That's what happened to Lee Nazal, best-selling author and founder of SociaVerse Publishing.

Coach Colette is Your Coach for Today's New Normal

Tune in for my interview on iTunes to learn how Lee transformed from being unemployed with only a part-time newspaper delivery job to pay the bills, to becoming an online marketing expert who has generated millions of dollars in revenue for his consulting clients. Also, learn more about our NEW book: Transform Your Life with One Call: America's Top Life Coaches Reveal What You Need to Know.

Tune into the podcast and let me know what you learned. Comment below or tweet me on Twitter -- so we can continue the conversation!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How Co-Founder or Team Conflict Isn't as Bad as You Think

How often have you put your best foot forward only to have it stomped on by someone?

There you are, every day, with so many people making demands on you:
  • Team members looking to you for answers you aren't always sure of
  • Clients thinking only of what they want and not of you really at all
  • Founders or senior leaders challenging you with increasingly demanding expectations
Then, there is everyone else, who needs something -- usually sooner than you are able to easily provide it. And, there you are S-Q-U-E-E-Z-E-D in the middle, being pressed on all sides…

It can be very frustrating thinking that you have said or done the right thing only to find that the other person doesn't see it that way. When the other person doesn't respond in the same way as you would, it's irritating and can cause lots of anxiety. And, this anxiety can affect your ability to be most effective at what you're creating.

It leads us to one overriding fact … work relationships are confusing! [Don't even get me started on personal relationships!]

But, what if it could be different?

PRIOSYS® on Vimeo.

When there is team conflict or a lack of rapport with a colleague, we tend to get judgmental. We begin to presume things about the other person. Instead of remaining open minded, we tend to close ourselves to other perspectives.

What if, instead, you viewed team conflict or lack of rapport as an OPPORTUNITY to see issues from perspectives other than your own? 

We all manage our everyday demands differently depending on our priorities -- what we feel to be important at that time. 

If you could figure out how to quickly recognize and adapt to your team members’ priorities, you would be less frustrated when communicating, and more able to overcome your differences. IMAGINE what that would do for your own productivity (and sanity) ... not to mention the productivity and camaraderie of your team. 

How much more could you create and innovate with that level of morale? 
"If two people on the same team agree all the time, then one is useless.  If they disagree all the time, then both are useless." -- Darryl Zanuck
Share your comments and questions below. Or, contact me if you're ready to get started and would like a demo of priosys®.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Here's the Problem with New Year's Resolutions

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, of the people who typically make New Year's Resolutions, 64% are successful in maintaining those resolutions beyond one month. How's it going for YOU? To increase your odds of achieving what you want this year, I'd like to suggest elevating your perspective to define an overall Vision for 2015. It's important to have a compelling vision, for you personally as well as for your business or organization. That way, when life and work demands pull you in multiple directions, you keep perspective.

Here are four steps to define your 2015 Vision:

1. Get Prepared for a Fresh Start in 2015
Consider any setbacks or disappointments from last year that you need to let go of in order to begin anew. Can you forgive yourself, and forgive any other people who may have been involved? Bringing old resentments into the new year can stop you from spotting new opportunities because your lens is being clouded by your previous experiences. You can learn from the past without letting it hold you back from trying again or keeping you mired in fear or doubt.

2. Get (Re)connected to Your WHY 
What core mission or purpose inspires you? What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning and keep striving for another day? Revealing your true intentions can make it easier to choose between competing ideas, requests or tasks. Typically, when you choose to act according to your intentions, you feel more at ease and less conflicted. It’s because you are being authentic by honoring your deepest desires and priorities.

3. Get Honest About Your Patterns 
Sometimes we can hold ourselves back from realizing our vision; sometimes this happens when we encounter new situations that take us out of our comfort zone. We end up doing the exact opposite of what we intend to do. These behaviors, and/or habits are blind spots because you're not always aware of them and/or fully aware of the impact they can have on fulfilling your intentions. What attitudes, behaviors, and/or habits could get in your way of fulfilling your intentions?  

4. Get Clear on What You Want 
As you look back at the close of 2015, what will be your most memorable achievements? What will you have felt and experienced, and with whom? What key milestones will have helped you achieve your vision? You might consider doing some creative visualization to imagine your life as it will be when you have fulfilled your intentions in 2015.

What’s important is to define and articulate your vision so that you are declaring that this is what you want to achieve. Then, perhaps you can relax a bit, and as Deepak Chopra says: “Let the Universe handle all the details.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

NEW PODCAST: Goal Setting Tips for Leaders in 2015

Happy New Year! Hope that 2015 is off to a great start for you. To help you hit the ground running, I'm excited to share this podcast from my recent appearance on the Gfem Talk Show.

In my lively chat with show host Femi, I shared some tips and insights on how to connect your 2015 goals with your larger WHY and true intentions. We also discussed how best to communicate your vision and true intentions with the important people in your world -- personal and professional -- in an effort to avoid mis-communication and conflict throughout the year.

Tune into the podcast and let me know what you learned. Also, feel free to share what are your 2015 intentions -- comment below or tweet me on Twitter -- so we can keep each other on track!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Focus on Your Vision in 2015 - Get Started on Jan 8

What would it mean to focus like a laser on your vision for 2015? How much more would you accomplish with that level of attention and motivation?

The New Year is the PERFECT time for you to evaluate your priorities and refresh your game plan – for your business and your life. Now is the time to define your vision for 2015 so you can be less overwhelmed by life's distractions, and less likely to quit when obstacles come your way.

In my upcoming Breakout Session on Thursday, January 8, I'll be sharing some easy ideas to help you get started! It’s based on my eBook Focus on Your Vision: A Positive, Practical Approach to Achieve Your Biggest Dreams – a simple process to help you evaluate your priorities and manifest even your wildest dreams.

As a preview, my Four Steps to Focus on Your Vision for 2015 are:
1. Clear Your Lens
2. Reveal Your True Intentions
3. Watch Out for Blind Spots
4. Envision Your Future Results

This Breakout Session is for leaders who are ready to take action to turn 2014 setbacks into 2015 opportunities. Let me help you overcome your limiting beliefs and renew your enthusiasm for business, relationships and life! Let's take the limits off your ideas and put the apostrophe back in impossible ... that's right, affirm it: 'I'm possible in 2015!' 

I look forward to speaking with you on Thursday, January 8 at 1 pm ET - register HERE

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

5 Unexpected Tips to Beat Your Holiday Stress

'Tis the season to be jolly. If you're seeking ideas on how to ease into the holiday season and lessen your stress, read on for 5 Unexpected Tips to Beat Your Holiday Stress!

  1. Recognize your holiday stress triggers: A stress trigger is an incident that causes either a negative physical (e.g., headache, cold, or pain) or emotional response (e.g., anxiety, insomnia, or sadness). The holiday challenge is that stress triggers can be associated with family and personal relationships, or finances. What are your holiday triggers? A dreaded encounter or perhaps the absence of a loved one? Concerns about your holiday shopping list or travel? Becoming aware is your first step to lessening your stress.
  2. Be willing to let go of past resentments: Once you've identified your triggers, consider viewing them from a NEW perspective. If you're already dreading an encounter, try imagining that your experience will NOT be negative.  Set an intention to approach the person with a positive outlook, and not allow their comments or behaviors to affect your stress level. 
  3. Seek out lower-cost holiday options (e.g., "grab bags," "Secret Santa’s," or “potluck” dinners): If your trigger is your finances, be honest with yourself and your family about what you can and cannot take on this year. Focus your attention on how great it will feel to spend time with those whom you love. Infuse yourself with the true holiday spirit of loving and sharing!
  4. Tune in to your holiday self-talk: We all have a running script of "self-talk." These are unconscious thoughts about finances, relationships, or goals that occur when you're stressed or overwhelmed. Coach yourself to flip your script for a more positive outlook. When you notice a negative thought, tell yourself to STOP! Take a deep breath, think of a positive statement, and reflect. Think of as many positive ideas that show the negative perspective is NOT true. 
  5. Give yourself holiday ME-TIME: With the hustle and bustle, it can be easy to forget your needs. Build time into your holiday schedule just for you. Take on a new physical activity; or social activity, like volunteering to help others in need. Sharpen your mental abilities with a new book; unplug from your devices. Create more space in your mind for holiday joy!

This year has been a year of many changes for me, some of which I've not yet shared with you. Looking back, I'm thankful for all of the expected AND unexpected blessings that 2014 has brought me. For example, I literally have a new looking-glass through which to view the world, my new living space! Now, I'm looking forward to spending time with my parents and extended family over the holiday season.

What are YOU most thankful for? How will YOU beat your holiday stress? Comment here or tweet me on Twitter. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vote by FRIDAY to Help a Woman Business Owner

You've got to be in it to win it! And, I am -- now I need YOUR vote!

Perhaps you've heard of the Chase Mission Main Street Grants for Small Business? The program will award up to 20 grants of $150,000 to help small business owners to grow their businesses.

Now, through FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17, small business owners who have been in business for at least two years and have less than 100 employees can submit an application. InStep Consulting has applied, and I'd love to have your VOTE of support!

What Would a $150K Grant Mean to InStep? 
2014 is a milestone year -- I've been in business for 10 years! It's definitely been a roller-coaster ride that I couldn't imagine doing any other way. 
Now, it's time to think about the next 10 years. I do know they will be different -- because the business landscape has changed dramatically just in the past few years.
This grant would help me to do some of the strategic planning and sustainability consulting work that I offer to clients on my own business! That would mean hiring PR/marketing and business coaches; plus, I'd like to increase the bench-strength of the coaching and consulting team.

Voting is really easy! Visit the Chase Mission Main Street website:
  • Click the VOTE NOW button
  • Input your Facebook login
  • Click VOTE!
I need at least 250 votes to be considered for a grant. Thank you for your support! Feel free to "Share Your Vote" with your social network afterwards.